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Atmospheric Pollution Research is an international journal designed for the publication of articles on air pollution and atmospheric processes. Papers should present novel measurement and modeling results, theory and modeling of air pollution on local, regional, or global scales. Topics covered are research on inorganic, organic, and persistent organic air pollutants, air quality monitoring, air quality management, atmospheric dispersion and transport, air-surface (soil, water, and vegetation) exchange of pollutants, dry and wet deposition, indoor air quality, exposure assessment, health effects, satellite measurements, natural emissions, atmospheric chemistry, greenhouse gases, and effects on climate change.

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Current Issue

Volume 5, Issue 2 (April 2014), Pages 170-351

1. Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs) in the atmosphere of agricultural and urban areas in the Province of Buenos Aires in Argentina using PUF disk passive air samplers
Norma Tombesi, Karla Pozo, Tom Harner
Pages 170-178, doi: 10.5094/APR.2014.021
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2. Ambient carbon dioxide concentrations in industrial park areas: A monitoring and modeling study
Kuo–Ying Wang, Jia–Lin Wang, Wen–Tzu Liu
Pages 179-188, doi: 10.5094/APR.2014.022
PDF (3069 KB)       Supporting Material

3. Investigation of an association between childhood leukemia incidences and airports in Texas
Sala N. Senkayi, Melanie L. Sattler, Nancy Rowe, Victoria C.P. Chen
Pages 189-195, doi: 10.5094/APR.2014.023
PDF (410 KB)

4. Possibilities of using deciduous tree species in trace element biomonitoring in an urban area (Plovdiv, Bulgaria)
Slaveya Petrova, Lilyana Yurukova, Iliana Velcheva
Pages 196-202, doi: 10.5094/APR.2014.024
PDF (454 KB)

5. Concentrations, seasonal variations, and outflow of atmospheric polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) at Ningbo site, Eastern China
Di Liu, Yue Xu, Chakra Chaemfa, Chongguo Tian, Jun Li, Chunling Luo, Gan Zhang
Pages 203-209, doi: 10.5094/APR.2014.025
PDF (1288 KB)

6. Phase distribution, sources and risk assessment of PAHs, NPAHs and OPAHs in a rural site of Pearl River Delta region, China
Bo Huang, Ming Liu, Xinhui Bi, Chakra Chaemfa, Zhaofang Ren, Xinming Wang, Guoying Sheng, Jiamo Fu
Pages 210-218, doi: 10.5094/APR.2014.026
PDF (1249 KB)       Supporting Material

7. Application of direct regularization techniques and bounded–variable least squares for inverse modeling of an urban emissions inventory
Ana Y. Vanoye, Alberto Mendoza
Pages 219-225, doi: 10.5094/APR.2014.027
PDF (615 KB)

8. Evaluation of the suitability of Tillandsia usneoides (L.) L. as biomonitor of airborne elements in an urban area of Italy, Mediterranean basin
Elisa Pellegrini, Giacomo Lorenzini, Stefano Loppi, Cristina Nali
Pages 226-235, doi: 10.5094/APR.2014.028
PDF (683 KB)

9. Water solubility of metals in coarse PM and PM2.5 in typical urban environment in Hong Kong
Sabrina Y.N. Jiang, Fenhuan Yang, Ka Lok Chan, Zhi Ning
Pages 236-244, doi: 10.5094/APR.2014.029
PDF (829 KB)       Supporting Material

10. Carbonaceous particulate matter characterization in an urban and a rural site in the Philippines
Angel T. Bautista VII, Preciosa Corazon B. Pabroa, Flora L. Santos, Joseph Michael D. Racho,
Leni L. Quirit
Pages 245-252, doi: 10.5094/APR.2014.030
PDF (817 KB)       Supporting Material

11. Chemical characteristics of rainwater at a southeastern site of Brazil
Marcos Rodrigues Facchini Cerqueira, Marcelo Fonseca Pinto, Ingrid Nunes Derossi,
Wesley Tinoco Esteves, Mellina Damasceno Rachid Santos, Maria Auxiliadora Costa Matos,
Denise Lowinsohn, Renato Camargo Matos
Pages 253-261, doi: 10.5094/APR.2014.031
PDF (892 KB)       Supporting Material

12. Air biomonitoring of heavy metals and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons near a cement plant
Daniela Baldantoni, Flavia De Nicola, Anna Alfani
Pages 262-269, doi: 10.5094/APR.2014.032
PDF (1011 KB)       Supporting Material

13. Contamination and spatial distribution of heavy metals in topsoil surrounding a mega cement factory
Clement Oluseye Ogunkunle, Paul Ojo Fatoba
Pages 270-282, doi: 10.5094/APR.2014.033
PDF (1896 KB)

14. Uncharted sources of particle bound polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons from South Asia: Religious/ritual burning practices
Shippi Dewangan, Shamsh Pervez, Rajan Chakrabarty, Barbara Zielinska
Pages 283-291, doi: 10.5094/APR.2014.034
PDF (849 KB)       Supporting Material

15. Levels and neurodevelopmental effects of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in settled house dust of urban dwellings on preschool–aged children in Nanjing, China
Bing–Ling Wang, Shu–Tao Pang, Xiao–Ling Zhang, Xi–Ling Li, Yong–Gang Sun, Xiao–Mei Lu,
Qi Zhang, Zheng–Dong Zhang
Pages 292-302, doi: 10.5094/APR.2014.035
PDF (472 KB)       Supporting Material

16. Volatile organic compound levels at one site in Rome urban air
Carla Fanizza, Federica Incoronato, Silvia Baiguera, Roberto Schiro, Domenico Brocco
Pages 303-314, doi: 10.5094/APR.2014.036
PDF (3947 KB)       Supporting Material

17. The effect of seasonal variation on indoor and outdoor carbon monoxide concentrations in Eastern Mediterranean climate
Maher Elbayoumi, Nor Azam Ramli, Noor Faizah Fitri Md Yusof, Wesam Al Madhoun
Pages 315-324, doi: 10.5094/APR.2014.037
PDF (967 KB)       Supporting Material

18. Airborne molds and mycotoxins in Serpula lacrymans–damaged homes
Didier Pottier, Veronique Andre, Jean–Philippe Rioult, Alain Bourreau, Chantal Duhamel,
Valerie Kientz Bouchart, Estelle Richard, Mathieu Guibert, Philippe Verite, David Garon
Pages 325-334, doi: 10.5094/APR.2014.038
PDF (405 KB)

19. Ambient particulate pollution during Chinese Spring Festival in urban Lanzhou, Northwestern China
Suping Zhao, Ye Yu, Daiying Yin, Na Liu, Jianjun He
Pages 335-343, doi: 10.5094/APR.2014.039
PDF (957 KB)

20. Diesel particulate matter emission factors and air quality implications from in–service rail in Washington State, USA
Daniel A. Jaffe, Greg Hof, Sofya Malashanka, Justin Putz, Jeffrey Thayer, Juliane L. Fry,
Benjamin Ayres, Jeffrey R. Pierce
Pages 344-351, doi: 10.5094/APR.2014.040
PDF (1470 KB)       Supporting Material